Welcome to the home page of Eric Henderson

This is a project I am working on for fun in my spare time. I will improve this site as I have time.

I am currently a junior Software Engineering/Math major, and I have a Work Study position doing web development. I have put some of my work up on this site. If you want to use any of it, please give me credit for the code. You can find it through these links, and the JavaScript code should work in all major browsers with few or no bugs (some of these are designed as documentation pages with examples and code):
Base Mini-library (documentation page)
Text and Image Fade Effects (mini-library documentation page)
Image Overlay (mini-library demonstration page; 2 sizes): Small | Big
Overlay Popup (mini-library demonstration page) Validation Util (mini-library demonstration and documentation pages): Docs | Test
You can also download the source code and other files for these pages on my Downloads Page.

One of my more recent programs is something I call the Popup Multibox. It is a program that is designed to allow keyboard access to several functionalities that I thought were useful. To see more about it, please visit http://multibox.everydayprogramminggenius.com/

Something you should check out is this tiled design I made. (I also have this other design)

Somthing else you should check out is this flash animation I made. The controls are listed in the upper right corner.

If you want to see my schedule, I currently have it listed for the 2011-2012 Fall term here. You can also view it in a popup div here.