About Me
Quick Facts:
Name: Eric Henderson
Major: Software Engineering/Math
Minor: Spanish
Year: Class of 2013
From: Carmel, Indiana (a suburb just north of Indianapolis)
Interests: Web Development (PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, MS SQL, Flash), Application Programming (Java, C#), Drawing (usually on graph paper; see below for some of my work)
Job: I have a Work Study position doing web development for the Rose-Hulman Office of Institutional Research, Planning, & Assessment (opens in a in-page overlay popup)
I also work with Interactions, an IVR company that has clients such as Apple, Hyatt, Marriott, Disney, Verizon, and others. I started there near the end of June 2011 as a summer job, and am continuing to work there during the 2011-2012 school year.
My Family (uses the image overlay JavaScript code):
Some of My Drawings (uses the image overlay JavaScript code):