This is my downloads page. You can download the source code and other files used in the example/documentation pages I have put on this site in a ZIP format. Here are the links:
Base Mini-library
Text and Image Fade Effects
Image Overlay (both sizes)
Validation Utility

I also have the JavaScript "Popup Div" code I used on my About page available for download with the images it uses (you will need to place the images in a subfolder called "images"). The ZIP file can be downloaded here. The instructions for using it can be found at the start of the "popuputil.js" file, and the documentation on the parameters for the "showPopup()" method can also be found at the top of the file.

If you use any of these code pieces, you will need to include the following code before the opening <html> tag:
If you do not include this code, Internet Explorer (and perhaps other browsers) will not render the JavaScript-generated elements correctly.

I also have some Windows 7 desktop gadgets (they also work in the Windows Vista sidebar) that I created. If you have Vista or 7, you should try them out!
Basic Countdown (to a certain date and time) (Dimensions: 130 (w) X 110 (h))
Birthday Countdown (time left until your next birthday) (Dimensions: 150 (w) X 150 (h))
Countdown Timer (count down from a certain number of hours, minutes, and seconds) (Dimensions: 130 (w) X 110 (h))
GCD Finder (finds Greatest Common Divisor using the Euclidian Algorithm and then shows the steps) (Dimensions: 150 (w) X 150 (h))